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Cop stops parade to make balloon animal for boy with autism

June 24, 2015



A police officer in Orem, Utah, made a boy with autism's day when he stopped in the middle of a parade to create a balloon animal for the boy.

Initially, the officer went in to give the boy a high-five, but after noticing the boy was not prepared for it, he took out the balloons.

In the YouTube description: "The cop initially was going in for a high-five as he was driving by, but he saw that the little boy shut himself down emotionally so he stopped, turned off his bike, and started making him a balloon animal.”

The Orem Police Department later posted the story on their Facebook page:


I just received this message on our FB page:Hello Orem Police!This last weekend I attended Summerfest with my family,...

Posted by Orem Police Department on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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